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The Wholesale Face Masks squad is a task force comprised of medical officials, textile manufacturers, and private members of the American community- and we are all operating in synergy to provide people in need with the necessary protection.


In order to stop the spread of this pandemic, in the past months, the use of masks in public has been sanctioned both by international organizations, such as WHO (World Health Organization), and by the heads of state of most countries.

Most communities, though, have been caught unaware, and the result has been a shortage of protective equipment that is not only helpful, but is VITAL in these days. The demand for reusables has been critical in most countries in the world, and that is why we have decided to step into the global arena: to help those in need.


So that we may back these requirements, we aim to build a connection with ANYONE who is in need of masks: we are all rallying under the banner of #Masks4All #WholeSaleFaceMasks.

Joined by reliable American manufacturers to get you and those whom you wish to protect reusable face-masks, Whole Sale Face Masks is ready to offer its contribution and lend a hand to privates, businesses and the public sector.


Wholesale Face Masks has already connected with a vast array of privates and businesses, which have heeded the call in times of distress and have decided to convert their end production for the creation and circulation of the highest quality reusable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).


No matter what part of the worldwide society you belong to, it is our firm belief that we at Wholesale Face Masks can help you face the everyday struggle of ensuring health, safety and tranquility for all those around you.


Our masks are a formidable tool to decrease the transmission of viruses, by preventing the unintentional spread of respiratory droplets that may be produced by accidentally coughing or sneezing.

So it doesn’t matter whether you are a private citizen wanting to protect his family, or a business owner who wants the best for his employees: Wholesale Face Masks has risen up to the challenge and is ready to offer you a variety of the highest quality of face masks, so that everyone in need may be protected and feel secure.

“Our greatest goal is to do whatever necessary to provide the American population and helpless people worldwide with the protection they deserve”.


Because of the great work of these people, we are now able to provide you, your community and your loved ones with all the protection you need in these dramatic times.

We are well aware of what you and those close to you are facing and are determined to help you carry this burden. We have manufactured products that will make everyday tasks safer and securer: we are also looking forward to sharing the breadth of knowledge we have acquired while working with highly reliable medical officers, so that our masks may provide you not only with safety, but also with a renewed sense of serenity.


Recent studies have shown that a substantial percentage of individuals with respiratory viruses lack symptoms (“asymptomatic”) and that even those who eventually develop symptoms (“pre-symptomatic”) can transmit the virus to others before showing symptoms. It is therefore paramount to provide as many people as possible with masks, to avoid the spread of unwanted diseases in our community.

Backed By Science


The World Health Organization (WHO) published a document in April, stating that ‘taking into account the available studies evaluating pre- and asymptomatic transmission, a growing compendium of observational evidence on the use of masks by the general public in several countries, individual values and preferences, as well as the difficulty of physical distancing in many contexts, WHO has updated its guidance to advise that to prevent COVID-19 transmission effectively in areas of community transmission, governments should encourage the general public to wear masks as part of a comprehensive approach to suppress SARS-CoV-2 transmission”


In a recent update on the state of the pandemic in the US, President Donald Trump has declared that for individuals to be wearing face masks is ultimately a wise choice. He recommended the material the masks are made of to be thick. The President has been vigorously working to speed the process of the production of face masks and other items of PPE so that the health of the American citizens may be protected and sustained.


The use of high quality masks like the ones produced by Wholesale Face Masks has proven beneficiary in other countries, which witnessed the spread of the pandemic before the US: countries like Japan, South Korea, and Singapore, have benefited greatly from the mass adoption of face masks, succeeding in keeping the initial outbreaks at bay.

It is worth reminding that the masks are used, not much to protect yourself from contracting the disease, but so that asymptomatic people carrying the virus will not inadvertently spread the contagion to weaker members of the communities, such as the elderly and those with pre-existing compromising medical conditions.


The CDC has also confirmed that the spread of viruses can definitely be decelerated by the use of high-quality cloth face masks. The cloth face coverings recommended are not surgical masks or N-95 respirators.  Those are critical supplies that must continue to be reserved for healthcare workers and other medical first responders, as recommended by current CDC guidance. It is therefore crucial that those who do not belong to the healthcare services wear quality cloth face masks, and this is why Wholesale Face Masks has decided to step up and provide the community with what it NEEDS most.



Our very first steps were taken in order to make our own community feel safer, so we know exactly how you feel, when you would feel more at ease with a protected neighborhood. Within our ranks, the Wholesale Face Masks Community Unit was created exactly with this purpose in mine. The goal of the Community Unit is to disseminate information and our products so that we can further advocate a positive social distancing and reduce anxieties within smaller communities. No matter how far you are and how much we socially distance, though, we are all in this situation together, and your help to your community will be invaluable in order to help previously forbidden areas such as library, parks and playgrounds to reopen and slowly become repopulated. Take responsibility in your hand and be the leader your neighborhood needs, reconnecting the threads of your community through our help! 

Get in touch and tell us TODAY of how we can be of service to you and your community!


Finding solutions to the taxing problems of our time, across the US. The Wholesale Face Masks Corporate Unit your manpower with the right information and items to maintain the highest productivity with the lowest possibility of contagion. Not only do these uncertain times force businesses to shut and entire workdays to be lost, but even those still working cannot prosper when living in fear of getting ill. Help us help your employees with our knowledge and our products, help recreate the perfect work environment, through our Wholesale Face Masks Corporate Unit.

Help us help you plan the next months and create a work environment where your employees can thrive and feel secure!


Helping you rebuild a safe educational setting, from Pre School, to 12th grade and all the way to University. The Wholesale Face Masks Education Unit was created with the sole purpose to help oppose the lower educational prospects prompted by the tighter health and safety regulations. Our Unit has worked with small schools to large universities, providing the vital information and the necessary products in order to keep the education system going, while at the same time vouching for the security and serenity of administrative staff, teachers and students alike.

Get in touch with us and tell us what we can do for you, whether it is information or masks you need: we’ll help you in anyway possible to jumpstart the educational environment again!


Aiding governmental organizations of varying sizes, the Wholesale Face Masks Government Unit wants to help you help America: compliant to CDC regulations and thoroughly updated with the latest information, we are ready to provide your districts with information and products, no matter how big or small your constituency may be. Our Government Unit’s expertise is that of providing direction to community and global leaders, so that they may in turn provide it to the people, through the widespread distribution of 1) our masks and 2) of relevant information the general public needs to know and therefore lower the alarming levels of social anxiety experienced by many communities around the nation.

Call us now to know exactly how our Government Unit can help you and the citizens you represent! Together we can do it!


The first response units and medical personnel have been the most affected by the pandemic and deserve to be equipped with the best PPE equipment. This however, has not always been possible, and many health workers have become infected as a result. Even though we do not specialize in medical equipment and our forte are non-medical reusable masks, the Wholesale Face Masks Medical Unit is close to the medical community, and are helped by a supply network that can satisfy requests coming from the smallest A&Es to the larger structures, that still happen to be PPE unequipped.

Still waiting for that material to be delivered? Contact us and we definitely won’t fail you!


It is obvious to all that small businesses have taken the biggest hit from this situation of uncertainty. That’s why the Wholesale Face Masks Small Business Unit is solely devoted to providing the smaller traders with concrete help. While it is the government’s role to ensure these enterprises receive the adequate funding to jumpstart back into economic prosperity, our Small Business Unit is here to provide information, local networking and safety products, to make it easier for the backbone of our economy to once again prosper after these increasingly difficult times.

We’re a small business and we understand what small businesses are going through: tell us what you need and we will report back to you and help you in any way possible!


The main goal of the whole Wholesale Face Masks team is to inform and protect the American people, trying to bring security and serenity during the pandemic. We produce our masks with the utmost care, knowing that America has entrusted us with their health and safety. 

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