Ways to care for high porosity hair

If you have high porosity hair, then you know that it’s not easy to find the right product. It is also challenging to take care of your hair in general because it always feels dry and coarse. However, there are a few things that can be done to help make your hair healthier! In this blog post, we will talk about how high porosity hair works and how you can deal with the challenges it presents.

How to care for your high porosity hair

– Use heat protection before blow-drying or using a flat iron. This prevents the hair from becoming dry and brittle, which is a common problem with high porosity hair.

– Try to use gentle products that are lightweight so you don’t overdo it on oils and other heavy serums. These can cause your scalp to produce excess

– Avoid using products like hair dye and bleach on your hair. These products can cause chemicals to penetrate the cuticle layer of the hair, meaning that they are going to be more likely to damage it than if you do not have porous hair which exposes these layers.

– Always try to look out for your hair by avoiding excessive styling, brushing, and washing. Use hydrating products regularly to help protect the outer cuticle

Methods for styling high porosity hair

High porosity hair is a type of hair that has low moisture retention, which means it can’t hold on to as much water. But, with the right styling methods, you can increase your high porosity hair’s ability to retain moisture and have beautiful soft strands!

The first method is using gel or cream on wet hair before blow drying it out. This helps add shine and soften up any frizzies in your strands while also providing some hold so you don’t have limp locks all day long.

way of protecting hair

Protective styling is an important way of protecting hair from the stresses caused by constantly manipulating it, which can lead to breakage. Protective styling covers a wide variety of methods for minimizing this hair stress. One alternative to constant manipulation is to wear braids or extensions in your natural locks – such as clip-ins that give you fuller, longer locks without

Contrary to popular belief, having high porosity hair doesn’t mean your hair will be brittle. It simply means that you have a tough cuticle and need to make sure the products you use are moisture-based. The secret is in how much water or oil the shampoo has, so pay close attention when purchasing products for your hair type.