Flushed cheeks makeup tutorial

It’s no secret that women like to look their best, and with the extremes of winter weather coming up, it’s important to know how to keep your makeup looking fresh. In this blog post, I’ll be giving my top tips for keeping flushed cheeks makeup from melting away due to extreme temperatures. With a few steps, you can have flawless skin in any climate!

Blush is a must-have cosmetic for any woman who wants to look her best. It adds color and radiance to the cheeks, making them look flushed and healthy. Applying blush properly takes some practice but can be mastered with enough time. The key is to use just the right amount of pressure when applying it in order to avoid an unnatural appearance or overdoing it so that you end up looking like you have a fever. Follow these simple steps below to achieve the perfect blush every time!

Here are some tips on how to apply blush:

-Use a light hand when applying it, because too much will make you look like you have been spending time in the sun or that you are wearing clown makeup.

-Apply blush horizontally across your cheekbones from under the apple of your cheeks up towards your temples, blending it upwards with fingers or brush if necessary.

-Blend colors together for an elegant yet natural look by using two different shades of blushes side by side on each cheekbone (a darker shade below, and a lighter shade above).

Contour and highlight your face with blush

Contouring and highlighting are two of the most popular makeup techniques for achieving a natural look. Contour is all about sculpting your face by using light and shadow to create optical illusions while highlighting is used to accentuate what you want to bring out in your features. But how do you know where to put blush? This blog post will help guide you through every step of contouring with blush in order to give yourself that perfect glow!

How to contour and highlight your face with blush?

Determine Your Face Shape

Before you get started, it’s important that you know your face shape. Contouring and highlighting certain features depends on the person’s face shape, which can change hairstyle choices too.


makeup techniquesContouring is a makeup technique that uses makeup to define, enhance, and shape the structure of one’s face or other body parts.

You can contour with your foundation, blush, bronzer, or other similar product by applying it to areas such as in the hollows of your cheeks and on the sides of your nose.


Next, highlight your face. Highlighters are types of cosmetic products that reflect light. They are used to brighten the skin on a given area to complement contours and create the perception of depth and angles by defining facial features like cheekbones, noses, etc.

The perfect blush color is something that many girls yearn for. Contour and highlight can sometimes be difficult with standard makeup products but if you use the right ones it won’t be hard to get a natural-looking rosy-cheeked glow.

The best way to have a naturally flushed-looking cheek is by using bronzer on your skin, which normally comes in powder form. Apply it under your cheekbones and blend well into the apples of your cheeks. You want to apply enough so that you see some color but not too much where it looks like you’re wearing an inch of makeup on your face.