Wholesale Medical Face Masks

Our company is providing medical face masks at wholesale! Our masks are quality and pre-sourced so you can rest assured that your employees and their families are protected during these uncertain times. Please don’t wait! It is always better to get ahead of the curve. Start budgeting for masks as a regular way to protect your business operations. Let us be the company you trust to deliver PPE to your business and employees!

The most reassuring aspect of our team is that we manufacture these masks in the US, unlike other companies who are held hostage on prices by China.

You will never have to worry about your masks not arriving!

Note: Please understand that there are many suppliers taking advantage of local supply shortages and charging ridiculous amounts! Worse yet, some of these factories are fraudulent and not producing authorized N95 or KN95 masks. Please consider this when choosing your wholesale medical face mask supplier!

You will find that the highest quality masks will be your respirator and disposable surgical masks. This is because they are purpose built and have much more research that goes into them compared to a regular homemade material mask. These masks not only get the job done, but get the job done right by being backed up by the latest medical research. Most governments are now recommending (some requiring) the wearing of masks in public places to prevent Coronavirus from spreading any further.

These high-quality medical grade face masks are best used for:

  • Front line medical workers who are in constant contact with blood, bodily fluids, and those who are infected.
  • First responders and senior care workers who are looking to protect themselves and others from infection
  • Essential business workers such as delivery men and women who are at greater risk for coming into contact with an infected client and spreading it after the fact.

N95 Face Masks

Product Description:

  • Comfortable Elastic Ear Bands For Long Term Wearing
  • Light-Weight To Making Wearing More Bearable
  • Tight And Snug Fit That Is Anti-Fogging, Anti-Dust, And Pollen Resistant.
  • 3 Dimensional Filter
  • *MOST IMPORTANT* 5 Layers Of Protection

Simply put, these are the masks you want your hard-working employees to be wearing. These masks are comfortable to wear for hours on end, and are light-weight enough that your employees will not be bothered by something overly stressing on the lower half of their face. These are medical grade masks that are great for those who work closely with potentially infectious people on a regular basis.

Disposable Face Masks

Product Description:

  • Soft Ear Loops For Comfort
  • Nose Clip For Snug Tight Fit
  • 3-Ply Design
  • Highly Efficient Filter Layer For Maximum Blocking

These are the masks that you would want to provide patrons of your store or business that are only in there temporarily. As far as price is concerned this would be the most cost-effective option because they cost less to manufacture and fulfill the role needed given the situation of an in and out buyer. As business across the nation continues to reopen it would be beneficial to get ahead of the curve and supply your store with masks for the general public to use upon entering.

Which Mask Is Better: N95 Or KN95?

The N95 mask is what is primarily used in the US and has the highest recommendation from the FDA. The KN95 is the Chinese equivalent. The N95 masks are widely used in the medical field because of their ability to filter 95% of particles and create an airtight seal around the users face. The KN95 filters 95% of the particles as well, the difference here lies in the fact that it is regulated primarily by the Chinese government. In April of 2020 the FDA said that it was “ok” to use these masks in some medical conditions however, in May, they back tracked and said that the KN95 mask should have limited use in the medical field.

Another big difference between the two masks is that the N95 uses two tight straps that go under the ears and on top of the head above the ears. This allows for a much more secure fit compared the KN95 which simply uses ear loops.

Ultimately it is going to come down to what you think is needed based on the activity you are going to be performing. Generally speaking, most people like the idea of having a tight fit around their face to keep the infectious particles away from them and choose the N95. But, if you are just doing a quick in-and-out somewhere, the KN95 might be best since it is the quickest to put on.

It is also no secret that N95 masks cost more than other types of masks, however, price shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to the health and well being of your family and your workforce.

Trust In The Wholesale Face Mask Squad To Bring You The Quality Masks You Need

Our team has an in-depth understanding and knowledge space for the manufacturing industry of masks in the United States. Because of our knowledge in supply, materials, and transportation, you know longer have to worry about taking a chance with a wholesale mask company that relies solely on China. Our factories and supply is home grown!

What Is The Wholesale Face Mask Squad Advantage?

  • Prices: All across the country companies foreign and domestic are gouging desperately in need citizens and businesses. It’s downright criminal! Our Wholesale Face Mask team is selling quality masks at a fair price from the best factories in the country!
  • Quality Control: We have “boots on the ground” so to speak fighting this virus every day. The way we fight it is by having members of our team at our factories daily ensuring quality is always taken into account.
  • Hometown Heroes: Our mask supply is produced right here in the United States of America. We are not like other companies who have to rely on China for the supply and even charge more than the promised price because of how China holds them hostage.

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